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Maintenance, Repair and Tuning… that is what our company is built on. In our professional highly equipped shop we will make sure that your pride on wheels will have a great experience. We have years of experience in tuning so we are ‘the place to be’ for all your tuning parts and mounting. Are you looking for the ultimate performance?

We are a Nissan GT-R specialist and our orders and clients come from all over the world. Especially in building and upgrading the clutch, combined with a performance upgrade on the engine… on top of that we can provide you with custom written maps for your car tested on a dyno. We build the ultimate sportscar for the road, track or dragstrip.

And we also do maintenance, bodywork, tirechange etc. for all other brands. In some cases we buy and sell cars as well.

 Would you like to know what MRT-automotive can do for your car? Please feel free to contact us!



We provide high quality products for your tuning. Because only the best is good enough and will last a long time




With over 9 year of experience in building and upgrading Nissan GT-R clutches we are the place to be when it comes to reliability






A well maintained car will give you pleasure for many years, let us look after your pride and joy



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